Grace Bible Church Missionaries Missions
The Missionaries
Currently Supported Missionaries
Currently Supported Missionaries

Jim Arnold- Independent Gospel Mission’s West African Coordinator
Ed Beard- Washington D.C.
Nader Baraty- Egypt
Patrick Bauer- Austrailia
Stephen Canter-Japan
David Carney- 10/40
Donald &Carolyn Carney-Mexico
James Carney- France
Jeff Carney- Central America
Christian Law Association
Jim Civale- American Samoa
Dan Delong- Australia
Timothy Fink- Romania
Graham Forbes- England
John Gossett- Trinidad
George Gray-Circle of Love Ministry (USA-Blind)
William Hamilton- Italy
Ron Hodge- Baptist Ambassadors to America Director (Appalachian Mts)
Paul Hostetler- Madagascar
Dan Hummel- Beacon of Truth Ministries Director (Tract Distribution)
Ben Jacobs- Brazil
KC Johns- India
Sam Johns- India
Robert Leach- Rock of Ages
Troy Lewis- Belize
Jhun Mejia- Philippines
Michael McKendree- Honduras
Ron Parrott- UNITED STATES ARMY-Europe
Ron Reece- Canada 
Jerry Sexton- Bearing Precious Seed Ministry
Ron & Carol Sexton - Evangelist - 2094 Woodville Pike, Goshen, OH 
B J Stagner- England
Stan Templeton- Peru   Templetons to Peru Website